Health Advisory - Measles

For Pediatric Patients

  • If your child is 12-15 months or older, he/she has likely been routinely vaccinated against the Measles with the MMR vaccine, which provides protection against the Measles virus.  A second vaccine is routinely given at age 4-5 years to provide coverage to those children who may not have responded well to the first vaccine.
  • If your child is 12 months or older and has not yet received the MMR vaccine, please call to schedule an appt. for that vaccination.
  • If your child is 6 - 12 months old, you may give the MMR vaccine if you are traveling internationally or have a risk of exposure; however, due to the infant's poor antibody response at this age it is still a requirement to get two additional vaccinations at 12 months and at 4 years. The early MMR vaccine below age 1 year may not be covered by your insurance plan.
  • If your child has already received one MMR and is not yet 4 years old, and you will be traveling or have an increased risk of exposure, you may request a second MMR to be given early, but it must be at least 28 days or later, after the first MMR.


For Adult Patients

  • There is no need for added precautionary measures for adults traveling to destinations associated with a previous measles outbreak, as the virus remains alive outside of a host only for two hours.  
  • Most adult US residents have been immunized against the measles.
  • If you are concerned about your immunity status or do not recall receiving the vaccine, our team will be happy to order a blood test to evaluate your need for a booster.
  • You will need to consult with your individual insurance carrier to determine coverage for the test/vaccine.”


For All Patients

Additional information about the Measles can be found at following CDC website link: